Indiana Restaurant Rolls Out Gourmet Menu for Dogs

Revery’s patio menu includes dishes for dogs
Dog eating at table


Revery restaurant in Greenwood, Indiana, has a fancy new seasonal bar menu just for dogs, but people can try it if they really want to.

Dogs are not known for their discerning palates. Most of them would be happiest if you gave them some road kill to roll around in. In spite of dogs’ noted lack of culinary sophistication, a lot of owners still want to give their pets the best, and that includes high-end meals created by chefs. Now one Indiana restaurant has rolled out a fancy seasonal menu for dogs.

According to WFLA, Revery restaurant in Greenwood, Indiana, introduced a seasonal menu for dogs, and it’s turning out to be quite popular.

“One of our favorites is the chicken and sweet potato, we also have the tuna and salmon stew, chicken and beef stew,” Revery manager Eric Kett said to WFLA.

The dog menu was designed so that people could bring their dogs with them to eat, but dogs are only allowed on the patio. The fancy dog food is a pretty good deal, too. All dog guests get free popcorn, and the dog entrees are between $3 and $4 per dish. The ingredients are the same chicken, vegetables, rice, etc. that are in the human food.


Some owners have reportedly been tempted to try their dog’s food, which they can do to no ill-effects for themselves, though most people seem to find the human food tastier.