Retro Labor Day Games for Kids

Keep the kids active and happy on Labor Day
Labor Day Kids’ Games

Labor Day Kids’ Games

With the threat of going back to school looming over their heads, Labor Day can sort of be a summer bummer for kids. It marks the end of their time making fun crafts and playing by the pool. While there are plenty of reasons to get excited to head back to school, it may be hard for them to see it on this seemingly dismal day. So bring the focus back to fun by planning a Labor Day cookout packed with fun things for little ones to look forward to. These games are classics, and will ensure that your kids forget their back-to-school woes! Here are some great Labor Day games to play at your end-of-summer bash!

Red Light, Green Light

On a day that celebrates both white- and blue-collar workers, have the kids play traffic cop with the classic red light, green light game. One child will act as the cop and their friends will line up from a distance. When the cop says green light, friends rush forward. When the cop says red light, kids must stop in their tracks. The first person to reach the cop wins and takes over as traffic cop.

Kick the Can

A fairly self-explanatory game, kick the can is a classic game involving kicking a can into a homemade goal. It's like fun recycling and totally doable with any old soda can!

Walkie Talkies


You don't need technology to have a great time! Two cans with a long string connecting them ought to do the old fashioned trick!