Restaurateur Fires Own Son for Insulting Customer

Calling customers rude names will get you fired, even if you’re the boss’ son

A Rhode Island restaurateur fired his own son and banned him from the restaurant after he was caught writing "fatty" on a customer's receipt. 

Despite the fact that servers writing rude names for customers on restaurant receipts has been in the news multiple times a year for the past several years, servers just keep doing it. Some of the receipts are rude, and many have been downright racist, but for some inexplicable reason, servers keep giving customers rude nicknames on their checks and then being surprised when they get caught. This week one Rhode Island server got fired for pulling that exact stunt, and even the fact that he was the boss’ son couldn’t save his job.

According to Fox News, a customer at the All Stars Bar & Grill in Warwick, Rhode Island, was pretty upset when he got his bill Tuesday night and saw that the bartender had labeled him “fatty.”

The hurt and furious customer posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, and All-Stars owner Tony Amrosio found out and apologized and offered the customer a $50 gift certificate. It also turned out that the bartender in question was Amrosio’s 18-year-old son, T.J., who found himself fired by his own dad.

“I acted in a way that was rude, childish, and totally inappropriate. Due to my actions, I was terminated, rightly so,” T.J. announced on social media after the incident started making the news, and he presumably got quite an earful from his father.


In addition to being fired, T.J.’s father has barred him from eating in the restaurant.