Louis Burgers

1501 E Rosecrans Ave (Bullis)
Compton, CA 90221
(310) 603-9547



  • Gotta stop by every time I come home, Chilli cheese fries loaded with peppers and a cheeseburger please extra dressing! Luv it
  • Best chili cheese fries ever.. even better with pastrami.. :)
  • Ask for a side of ranch for your fries.
  • Back for more onion rings and got a free makeout preview.. The car behind me couldn't keep there hands off themselves.. blaaah
  • Try their zuccini and onion rings there awesome!
  • Onion rings burn my mouth alll the time but i don't care. Thier delicious!!!!
  • Always fresh french fries! Always!
  • Burgers are the best in town
  • Pastrami lovers will love the pastrami burrito here. Fully stuffed with pastrami.
  • Best chili cheese fries from a burger stand around. Love the chili, made of pure meat. Adding carne asada makes it even meatier. Delicious!
  • A big variety of options, I had the Big breakfast burrito
  • Chili Cheese Fries
  • Pork chop breakfast is the best!
  • Never gets old. Been a childhood place to present and food is great!
  • It was tasty as usual. Great chicken breast salad n zuchini.
  • Colossal burger is so worth it. If you're hungry I would start with that!
  • try soft fries with seasoning salt and dip,try thousand island dressing!
  • Grill cheese,large garden,and onion/zuch mix! No meat!
  • Awe maaaan try the onion zucchini combo! Split half and half is the best of both worlds!
  • Best chili cheese fries in LA