Food Truck Rally

Food Truck
Grand Army Plaza (Flatbush Avenue, Eastern Parkway, Prospect Park We)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
11:00am - 5:00pm


  • The lines are fine now the rally is in its third iteration. Get souvlaki! Good value.
  • Bring an empty stomach or eat your fill and take a couple laps around the park.
  • June- October. Third Sundays, 11am-5pm!
  • Kimchi Taco Truck!!! Their food is very flavourful & not for the faint when it comes to the spice factor... But I think it's perfect. Check out their Grill location, free cucumber infused h2o
  • In 2013 the rally is now on the first and third Sundays of each month! Most trucks are cash only, come prepared and hungry.
  • Lines are totally manageable before noon.
  • The cheesesteaks & fries are NOT $20. Ignore the naysayers, get a cheesesteak ($9.75 for a 10-inch), and thank me later.
  • Give the Snow Day food truck a shot if you can catch them.
  • Prices are hilariously out of control. $20 for a cheesesteak and fries from a truck. A TRUCK ON THE STREET. They don't pay NYC rents so overhead is minimal; basically they're just greedy fucks.
  • Bad selection gorrila cheese is the only good thing
  • Look out for the Kimchi Taco truck!
  • When at Grand Army plaza, and awesome thing to check out on a weekend.
  • You cant beat having all kinds of food trucks in one spot
  • Curry veg pies
  • Ice cream sammiches, y'all
  • You can't go wrong with your truck pick. You can get a meal, dessert, and a drink from different trucks if you want.
  • Don't get the cheesesteak. 12 bucks for overcooked broccoli rabe and underseasoned steak.
  • the food
  • So many trucks. Too hard to decide
  • So much awesome grub!

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