Restaurants You Need to Eat in Before You Die

From shacks to fine dining, these five restaurants should be a part of your life’s culinary adventures


If you haven’t been to any of these restaurants yet, make the time (and book the plane tickets) to do so. (Photo: flickr/djjewelz)

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

(Photo Modified: flickr/mike_flemming)

Number three on The Daily Meal’s list of the 101 Best Restaurants in Europe, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal reproduces recipes from the country's surprisingly rich culinary past. The oldest example on the current menu is Rice & Flesh (rice with saffron, red wine, and calf's tail, a la 1390s cuisine). The most famous dish is Meat Fruit (a la 1500), a chicken liver parfait coated with, and resembling, mandarin orange.

Eleven Madison Park

(Photo Modified: flickr/star1152)

Coming in at number four on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants , Eleven Madison Park is the best restaurant in North America. This fine dining restaurant has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to ensure you have one of the world’s best culinary experiences.


(Photo Modified: flickr/Hakan Dahlstrom)

Ants, bulrushes, live shrimp, and flowers are on the menu at Noma, which is famous for taking local and seasonal ingredients to the next level. This Denmark restaurant is currently the world’s best restaurant , which means it should be high on your list for culinary adventures.

Pizzeria Brandi, Naples

(Photo Modified: flickr/Charles Haynes)

Pizzeria Brandi is reportedly the place that first made a pizza Margherita back in 1889, coining the term to honor a queen of the same name.

Woodman’s of Essex, Essex, Mass.

(Photo: Flickr/eric kilby)

2014 marked the 100-year anniversary of this famed New England seafood shack, which is listed in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Isn’t that a good enough reason to dine at this no-frills shack?