Restaurants Kick Off New Events This Month

Staff Writer
From honoring National Burger Month to launching tasting menu series

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0


As the seasons change bringing warm weather, restaurants start hosting special events. Here is a look at a few restaurants debuting interesting new efforts this May. 

Iron Hill Burger Special: In honor of National Burger Month the Pennsylvania-based Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant will serve a different burger each day throughout May. The event kicked off Sunday night with the Napa Valley Burger, featuring Cabernet onions, black pepper chèvre, tomato, and arugula.

Bristol Lounge Attempts Burger Challenge: In similar fashion to Iron Hill, Bristol Lounge will offer a different burger every day throughout May. The Boston eatery ran a contest through Facebook to collect inspiration for their burgers. 

Mica Debuts Weekly Tasting Menu: Beginning this Wednesday, Chip Roman will be rolling out a weekly tasting menu at his newest restaurant in Philadelphia, Mica. Each menu will be based on a different seasonal ingredient.

Dinner Series at Natural Selection: Aaron Woo will debut his Sunday Special Dinner Series this week at his Portland-based vegetarian restaurant, Natural Selection. The dishes will be paired with wines provided by Blackbird Wine Shop.


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