Restaurants Continue To Operate Without Power

While most of lower Manhattan is without power, thus leading to major food spoilage (especially in the case of the Batali and Bastianich empire), there are a couple of restaurants bringing out some burners and cooking up meals by candlelight.

An Italian butchershop in New York City's Meatpacking District, Macelleria, opened for business yesterday, tweeting, "We are open for drinks and serving from a limited food menu. No power, just candlelight."

But perhaps the most heroic restaurant in town (or just outside of town) is Atlantic City's Tun Tavern, which Esquire reports is continuing to serve full meals, even as they were hit with four-and-a-half foot waves by Hurricane Sandy Sunday night. The restaurant is also powerless, but owner Montgomery Dahm ignored Governor Chris Christie's order to evacuate, staying to serve food to rescue workers and anyone else left in town.

Dahm and his crew reportedly stayed in the kitchen all night and into the morning, finally going home on Tuesday. "We were cooking by candlelight," Dahm told Esquire. "I felt felt obligated to do this, along with everybody on my staff."

Monday dinner included meatballs and marinara, hot roast-beef sandwiches, bratwurst, turkey sandwiches, and chicken salad, while Tuesday lunch involved hot dogs, burgers, and chili. All was cooked up without power.