Restaurant Offers Free Food to Heavy Customers

Another restaurant has come up with a terrible free food promotion
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A restaurant in China is weighing customers at the door and offering free meals to any customer over 286 pounds.

Just when it looked like no terrible restaurant promotion could beat the ones that offered free food to skinny women or free food to people who were rated “most beautiful” by a panel of plastic surgeons, a restaurant in China has started offering free food to “fat diners.”

That might not sound like an offer many people would want to take the restaurant up on, especially since it involved a public weigh-in, but apparently the restaurant opening proved quite popular. According to Shanghaiist, the promise of free food was tempting enough that the new restaurant in Tianjin, China, actually had dozens of customers lined up to be weighed on a scale before entering the restaurant in the hopes of winning a free dinner. The restaurant was reportedly offering a free meal to anyone it considered “fat,” which it defined as any customer who weighed over 130 kilograms, or 286 pounds.

Most of the people photographed waiting in line for the weigh-in were quite slim, so the restaurant probably did not have to give away many dinners. Still, it would be nice if in the future restaurants could agree to a moratorium on promotions that involve weighing customers or rating their looks before allowing them to sit down and enjoy their dinner.

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