Restaurant Review

Went to Mr Chow's TriBeCa location and for all six of us it exceeded our expectations. The place is beautiful and the service was just right. At this restaurant you let the waiters order for you and after a few questions, they got it spot on. The shrimp rolls, chicken wraps and the dumplings we all fabulous. For the main course we had chicken, seafood rice, vegetables and beef were all fabulous and then they brought a perfectly cooked Peking Duck with delicate little crepe and a sweet and pungent hoisan sauce. It was a ton of food but we ate almost the entire dinner. The wine list was just right and our bottle of 2006 Phelps was fairly priced at $100. The entire dinner was one price per person and for $65 it was really a bargain. I can't compliment the place anymore, I was a great evening, a wonderful meal and I walked away feeling like we got a great deal.