Restaurant Owner Shows Up at Door of Customer Who Left a Bad Review

After reading a bad online review, a restaurateur showed up at the customer’s door


A man left a negative review for a local restaurant, and then was stunned when the owner showed up at his house and kicked in the door. 

Now that the world is full of restaurant review websites and every customer is a critic, restaurateurs have to brace themselves for the occasional unpleasant review. Some restaurateurs have even taken to responding to criticism, usually with a bit of well-executed snark or a Facebook post, but this week a restaurant owner responded to a negative review by showing up at the diner’s house and smashing up his door.

According to Shanghaiist, last Tuesday a man finished an unsatisfactory plate of noodles in Sichuan Province, China, and vented his frustration with an online review of the restaurant that delivered them.

“The taste was really bad!” he wrote. “I ordered noodles, but I'll absolutely never order them a second time! What's more, this restaurant doesn't even have a physical store, do you have a hygiene permit? I doubt it.”

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In response, the customer says the restaurant owner came to his apartment and started bludgeoning the front door hard enough to gouge it all over and even rip off the handle.


The altercation ended there and nobody was hurt, but next time maybe the restaurant owner should try his hand at the snarky response instead of escalating all the way to pulling doors down.