Restaurant Mo Pho Forced to Change Name and More News

In today's Media Mix, a beer-can house becomes a tourist attraction, plus more TVs at more restaurants

A London restaurant has to change its name because the name of this dish is trademarked.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Mo Pho Forced to Change Name: A London restaurant has to change its name, not because of its similarities to, well, mo fo, but because someone has trademarked the term "pho." [Grub Street]

Restaurant Reservation Tricks: Here's an idea: Instead of booking your table months in advance, hold off to gather all the canceled reservations for your best shot at a table. [NY Times]

Beer-Can House: A Texas home known to have siding covered in flattened beer cans has been restored and opened to the public. [The Morning Sun]


TV and Restaurants: Looks like TV dinners are going to be more common nowadays; major chains are installing TVs in their establishments, so customers can watch the stocks during the day and sports at night. [Baltimore Sun]