Restaurant Locks in Non-Tipping Customers and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, a cow wanders through a McDonald's drive-thru, plus perfect food truck parking
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

• Here is a very long article about how McDonald's became the biggest thing in the social universe, ever. Burger King, take note. [NY Times]

• Michelin-starred French chef Jean-Yves Schillinger will reportedly take over the kitchen of Nikki Beach in New York. [Fork in the Road]

Chefs & Personalities
• Chef Todd English calls Eva Longoria "a sweetheart," as he talks about Beso, his restaurant with the actress. [The Insider]

Weird News
• A cow wandered through the drive-thru of a Colorado McDonald's, where employees joked she was "not making any orders. Maybe visiting relatives, but not making orders." [9News]

Shame of the Week
• A family claims that a restaurant locked them inside because they refused to pay the 17 percent service fee tacked onto the bill for parties of six or more. "If you're not satisfied with the service, you shouldn't have to pay gratuity," the patron said. [KPRC]

• Guy Fieri's stolen Lamborghini was finally found — and a teenager was charged with the theft. [The Daily Meal]

Food Trucks
• There are some perfect spots for food trucks to park around the city, and New York City might start auctioning them off to the highest food truck bidder. [NPR]