Restaurant Accused Of Serving Rats And More News

• Vietnamese restaurant Thuy Café in St. Petersburg, Fla., is accused of cooking rats that they captured from the roof and dumpster. Management of Thuy Café denies the accusations, obviously. [WTSP]

• New Orleans staple Hubig's Pies was destroyed over the weekend after a fire broke out in the restaurant's fry room. The bakery has served their fried pies to New Orleans residents since the 1920s. [The New York Times]

• As part of the $165 million East River waterfront project, the New York City Economic Development Corporation is constructing a habitat for blue mussels and ribbed mussels. Although not fit for human consumption, the mussels will help to clean the waterway. [The New York Times]

• Your Big Mac may cost more when Obama's Affordable Care Act goes fully into effect in 2014; the potential rise in cost would help cover health costs. [SmartMoney]

• Beer pairings are on the rise as restaurants examine the variety of flavors the hoppy beverage has to offer. [NPR]

•  A year after the deadliest listeria outbreak in 10 years from cantaloupe, another melon scare has led to a recall. Burch Farms recalled 580 crates of cantaloupe that had been shipped to Hannaford supermarkets in New York after citing a possible listeria contamination. No illnesses have been reported. [Food Safety News]