Researchers Win Ig Nobel Prize for Coffee Sloshing Research

This is the kind of hard research that could win you a Nobel prize

Ever spilled coffee on yourself and thought, "I can make a serious research project out of this?" We can only assume that's what the Ig Nobel prize-winning team behind the "coffee sloshing research" thought to themselves. That's right, spilling coffee on yourself could win you a Nobel prize! 

OK, so the Ig Nobel prize isn't as prestigious as the true Nobel prize, reports the Associated Press. The "ersatz" prizes are usually meant to spoof the real awards, but also give credit to the weird, wacky sciences of everyday things — like spiling your coffee. 

The men behind the coffee research, Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Meyer, won the fluid dynamics prize for their research. They told the AP that they were inspired by a normal coffee break, watching people avoid spilling coffee on themselves. And the reasons that people spill coffee? Walking speed, mental focus, and noise. After all, it takes serious concentration to not spill. The researchers also said that coffee is usually spilled between the seventh and 10th step — be warned. 

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