New Site Grades Your Apartment On Delivery Availability

When choosing an apartment in New York City, there are a huge variety of requirements and priorities to consider.  Would you rather have a doorman or a callbox?  Splurge on an elevator or suffer a walk up?  Want laundry in the unit or a reliable laundromat nearby?  

Major food lovers may look at a kitchen before any other area in an apartment, but even in New York, the most talented and succesful of chefs rely on takeout sushi and burritos every so often.  There's a reason we live in a city with ethnic and sophisticated cuisine available at all hours of the night!  

Rather than collecting a bagful of flimsy paper takeout menus during your apartment hunt (and there's enough useless paper already!) try using Rentenna's Food Delivery Score.  Like a Zagat guide for apartments, Rentenna aims to help you choose an apartment that suits your lifestyle, in addition to your budget. Rentenna's complex apartment rating algorithm analyzes data on hundreds of thousands of buildings and over 1 million historical listings to grade individual rental buildings on a scale of 1-100.  The Food Delivery Score shows the total available takeout options as well as a comprehensive breakdown of available food options by cuisine.  

Think you're ready to move?  Try ordering from somewhere on the list before signing your lease!