Remember And Honor Our Vets With Beautiful Flowers

As Americans, we celebrate patriotic holidays throughout the year  to remember the values of liberty and justice that make our country great and to be thankful for our freedom.  

Flowers also play a part in these holidays and times, whether it is a decoration on the grave of a soilder or the centerpiece on the picnic table for the long weekend celebrations. When designing for graves or memorial services, we produce wreaths, adornments, standing easels and floral designs to pay homage to the people who gave their service defending our country.

Typically we see a lot of red roses and red carnations for these occasions.  Our flower palette is vast for white and red but does get somewhat limited in the blues.  Readily available are the Delphiniums, iris, hydrangea, and even bachelor buttons. 

Combining textures and design elements adds to the beauty of the flowers, especially when the colors seem constrictive.

We also tend to see a lot of weddings over the long holiday weekend.  Rather than the patriotic colors, we are designing in lots of whites and blush to pink touches. Carnations are not typical for weddings anymore, but they are quietly sneaking back in to the picture.  Flowers and design styles tend to be cyclical in nature.  Just like fashion, flower types and styles go in and out.   Most of our weddings consist of hydrangea, roses, and orchids these days but we do get a little wary of hydrangea in heavy heat.  However, we make miracles happen when it comes to making our brides happy on their wedding day.

We do want to thank those who give of themselves in service of our great nation. Designing for the memorial services is an honor in itself.  But for that matter we love all of our customers and brides and wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day.

Playa Del Rey Florist BIo

Playa Del Rey florist has been delivering fresh unique floral designs to the Los Angeles area for over 60 years. They pride themselves on always having fresh flowers from all over. They shop and purchase flowers from around the world to keep their customers happy. Bio is the "Etsy for flowers" and features more than 2,000 top local artisan florists who hand deliver to more than 3,000 cities nationwide. Customers can now shop directly with top florists without having to go through the mass marketing middlemen, all while receiving unique and one-of-a-kind arrangements. Each customer also receives an email of a "BloomSnap," which is a photo of the completed arrangement before it's delivered so the customer is ensured that what was ordered is what will be received.