Registry Basics: Knives Gallery

1. 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Slicing herbs and lettuces for the perfect chopped salad would be impossible without the rolling action of this kitchen staple. If we had to bring one knife to a desert island, this would be it.

2. Santoku

This Japanese-style knife is fantastic for slicing and making precision cuts when handling meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. The hollow edge helps reduce friction when cutting, so your potato or smoked salmon slices don't stick to the knife.

3. Bread (or Serrated) Knife

Cutting neat rounds of baguette for crostini and paper-thin slices of tomato for a sandwich is a snap with this toothsome talent.

4. Paring Knife

An essential tool for small jobs. It makes slicing off hunks of cheese and slices of pear to pair with your first glass of wine as a married couple easy (and peeling peaches a breeze).

5. Serrated Paring Knife

Sometimes called a citrus or tomato knife, mini, serrated wonder makes peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables so easy.

6. Laguiole Steak Knives

Dress up your dinner table with these classic French knives. They strike just the right balance of rustic and classic — and they're timeless. They come in a variety of colors (we like the brightly colored ones), too!

7. Laguiole Spreaders

These are like the Birkin bags of cheese knives. They are so elegant yet functional, with just a bit of bohemian chic. These spreaders work for all your soft favorites like Brie and goat cheese and are a must for every host or hostess.

8. Laguiole Cheese Knives

For your hard cheese plate favorites like Manchego, aged jack, and pecorino, you need the combination of these three sharp cheese knives to help your guests feel at ease over the cheese platter. The cleaver helps to cut off chunks from blocks of cheese, while the double-tipped knife is perfect for picking up thin slices.

9. Kitchen Shears

A pair of good-quality kitchen shears makes quick work of showering a pasta dish with ribbons of fresh basil. It makes opening all those pesky plastic packages easy and it ensures a clean cut, so no exploding bags of chocolate chips or walnuts in your pantry drawers. It will also save you from using your teeth to rip open a bag. (Plus, you never know when you'll forget to cut the tag off your dress when rushing to get ready before a dinner party.)