Reese’s Lovemoji Valentine Treats Will Make you Smile (With Heart Eyes)

Give your valentine an old-fashioned treat with modern sass

Valentine’s Day is both an old-fashioned and a modern holiday. Candy and flowers don’t change all that much, but the wrappers and the card themes can be as modern as holographic stickers and Minecraft. Now Reese’s is offering their classic chocolate-peanut butter treats with packages printed with love-themed emojis, dubbed Reese’s Lovemojis.

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Inside the sassy wrappers are your standard, delicious Reese’s peanut-butter cups. The wrappers outside feature such emoji faces as smiley face with heart eyes, face throwing a kiss, and the star-eyed emoji.

Reese's bag


No, the smiling piece of poo isn’t on any of these wrappers – it’s funny and all, but not very valentiney.

They’re exclusively available at Target, where a 10.2-ounce bag sells for $3.59. Other exclusive-to-Target valentine treats include some cute items from Dylan's Candy Bar (check out this colorful diamond cookie pop) as well as Ghirardelli white-chocolate crème brulee squares.


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