Red Wine, White Teeth

How to rescue your teeth from the terrors of tannin

Here at Bottlenotes, we know the virtues of wine. However, red wine has one irrefutably negative consequence: call it wine teeth — the distinct purple tint your teeth and lips develop after an evening of sipping a good glass of red. It’s natural to want to crack a big smile after enjoying a bottle of wine, but unless you want to be remembered for your eggplant-tone enamel, once the camera comes out, you have to trade in smiles for smeyes.

Fortunately, Wine Erase offers a quick fix. Packaged individually like moist towelettes, Wine Erase is a portable crisis kit for the wine party crowd. Admittedly, the wipes have a slightly odd taste: a touch salty and somewhat medicinal. The taste fades almost instantly, though, while the wipes leave your teeth surprisingly clean.

With Wine Erase, you can erase the short-term evidence of an evening of red wine drinking. Although it’s not as easy, some Advil and a long run might erase the rest.

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