Red Stripe and Bodega Make Music

They hacked this London corner shop to surprise guests when bottles start playing a tune

Walking into the local bodega to grab a beer or a slice of cheese or a loaf of bread is hardly an entertaining experience; ours usually involves fumbling around for cash while partially sober and incredibly hungry. But if Red Stripe lager ever comes to town, we're expecting something as awesome as this marketing gimmick they pulled in London.

The team rigged an entire corner store in East London to have empty bottles and cartons play "Message to You Rudy" by The Specials, with air blowing into bottles at the right pitch (surprisingly) and bags of chips keeping rhythm. Their adorable video shows that the tune is triggered by people picking up a bottle or two of Red Stripe, as brooms, dustbins, boxes, and even more bottles of beer join in on the fun.

Watch the magic happen below, then check out their behind-the-scenes video, which shows how the team tested bottles of beer and cartons of ramen (bodega staples, of course) to make the magic happen. "It's like a ghetto theme park," one surprised shopper told them. Not really, but close enough.