Red Bull Adds Fruity Flavors To Lineup

Red Bull, the second-largest energy drink company in the U.S., announced new flavors that will be in stores this coming March. 

The Associated Press reports that the flavors were originally sold in Europe (Red Bull is an Austrian beverage company), and will be making their way overseas. In a release announcing the new flavors, Red Bull said the new drink "improves performance, especially during times of increased stress or strain, increases concentration and improves reaction speed, and stimulates metabolism." (Those are some pretty strong claims there.) 

It's clear Red Bull is looking to further strengthen its hold on the energy drink market; even though energy drinks make up only 3 percent of the carbonated drink market, sales of energy drinks have shot up more than 17 percent in the last year. (Of course, there are problems, too — Monster Energy Drinks has been subpoenaed by the New York state attorney general for its advertising claims.)