Recovery Room Tavern: Charleston's Neighborhood Bar

In a city becoming known for its cocktail culture stands Charleston's Recovery Room Tavern, a dive bar that is anything but typical. The tavern's unique event each evening means you'll never be left without plans for a night out. Want to try your hands at an old-fashioned quiz night? Thursday evening's trivia night might leave you a bit richer. Stuck in a rut with your usual bar order? Head over on Tuesday to test a new beer or shot chosen by a guest bartender. Wednesday is bourbon night with all bourbons for only $2.25. And if you're feeling all of this alcohol at the end of the week, then swing by on Sundays for a "recovery brunch."

But the real reason you want to go to Recovery Room isn't the events, it's the cheap drinks that fuel the fun atmosphere. Their happy hour is famous for selling several cases of $1.25 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, making them one of the biggest sellers in the country. Traditional bar cocktails, from White Russians to Long Island Iced Tea, are also served up at prices that are sure to satisfy you without draining your wallet, so you can get the next round. Still not convinced? The bar staff is known as some of the nicest in Charleston, earning the Best Bar Staff and Best Bouncers titles from the Charleston City Paper.

Recovery Room also serves up tasty, unique versions of traditional bar food that garners them praise from hungry customers. The tater 'tachos'—tater tots covered in cheese and topped with jalapeños, onions tomatoes and sour cream—don't hold a candle to the normal bar offerings of stale pretzels and packets of chips. Leave your ideas of forgettable reconstituted bar food at the door.  Of course, if you'd rather some classic breakfast food to sop up the effects of last night, their Sunday brunch starts lates and ends even later to make sure that you can sleep in.  Recovery Room Tavern has certainly got your back when it comes to all your bar needs in downtown Charleston.