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Veg Rogan Josh


Authentic rogan josh recipe.

Rogan Josh is an authentic recipe from the beautiful paradise on earth called Kashmir. Kashmiri food is rich and infused with exotic spices…just like the place itself. The name Rogan Josh means a dark red curry traditionally made with mutton or ghosth as we call it in India, which is lamb meat.
Rogan is an ingredient that adds the red color to the gravy. However the version we make at home makes use of red Kashmiri chilli paste or powder. This gives the curry a dense red color.I am not too sure about the word Josh here, but its generic meaning is punch so I am assuming it means a curry with a punch and lots of spice.
I am sure there are lots of ways to make this curry but I haven’t found any Vegetarian versions. It is important that you have all these ingredients especially asafoetida and mustard to get the real flavour.  

Ready in


If you are a big chicken or mutton fan replace the veggies with the meat of your choice.






2tbsps. Oil
2tsps.Yellow mustard powder
1-2 Large white onions sliced
2-3 Green Cardamom Pods (if you have large black cardamom pods use those as well)
1inch piece of Cinnamon stick (I don’t like to add whole cinnamon as it interferes with the curry when you are eating it, so I sometimes use Cinnamon powder)
2-3 Dry bay leaves
2-3 Cloves
1tsp Cumin powder
3tsps. Corainder powder (I love this spice so I use a little more)
2tsps. Fennel powder – (I make this at home by crushing some fennel seeds)
3tsps. Kashmiri Red Chilli paste or powder -adjust qty per your liking(To make the chilli paste just grind some red chillies with water and few cloves of garlic)
1tbsp. Each of Ginger & Garlic paste
2tsps. Ginger powder (optional)
1Cup whisked plain yoghurt
Salt to taste
½ can or 175g of tomato puree
Water for cooking
100g Paneer cut into cubes
50g Mixed veggies carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin work well with the curry (optional)
Lemon for garnishing  


In a large pot heat the oil on medium heat. Add mustard powder to the oil and mix well.
Add asafoetida continue heating the oil.
Next add the whole spices, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and cloves. Fry them well in the oil. Add the fennel powder and cook it for a few minutes. Next add the sliced onions and fry till they are golden brown.
You will be hit with a heady aroma of all the spices.
Add the ginger & garlic paste now and cook well. Mix in the whisked yoghurt.
Next add the chopped pureed tomatoes, cook till oil separates from the sides.
I sometimes add vegetable stock to the spice and onion mixture, but you can use plain water. Add water to help everything cook together; adjust consistency as per your liking. Now add the chilli paste or if using powder add a few drops of water to the powder before adding it to the mixture. This will bring out the hot red colour in the gravy.
Add salt to taste.
Next add the Paneer pieces. If using veggies add those at this stage and cook covered for at least 8-10mins. Keep stirring in between and adjust any seasoning at this stage.
Turn off heat. Let it rest for some time.Squeeze some lemon juice before serving. This is something I like but you can skip this step.

Serve with boiled rice, garlic naan or roti. It tastes better the next day so if you are making it for a party I recommend cooking it the night before. Serve with nice and crisp pappadums and some sliced onion sprinkled with lemon.