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Tony Roma's Black Bean & Poblano Queso Dip


Looking for a simple and delicious recipe to wow your friends at this year's Super Bowl party? Look no further than Tony Roma's tasty Black Bean & Poblano Queso Dip!



• Easy melt American cheese (2 ½ lbs)

• Water (1 Cup)

• Yellow onions, peeled and diced ¼” (1 ½ cups)

• Olive oil (1 TSP)

• Roasted poblano peppers, (3 oz. WT)

• Lime juice, fresh (2 TSP)

• Black beans, drained and rinsed (1 Cup)



• Dice American cheese into ¼ “ cubs, transfer to mixing bowl

• Add water to mixing bowl and place onto a double boiler for 10-12 min or until cheese is melted

• Peel & Dice yellow onions into ¼ “ thick slices

• Measure diced yellow onions and olive oil into a pot, mix well and cook over medium heat for 5-7 minutes

• Add diced onions, roasted poblanos and lime juice into queso, stir for 2 min

• Drain black beans and rinse well. Add to mixing bowl. Stir in well

• Portion as you see fit

Garnish dip with a cilantro sprig and serve with fajita chips.