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St-Germain & Champagne

A two-ingredient cocktail to keep the party going

St-Germain-Champagne cocktail

The French way to celebrate is with Champagne cocktails that are a breeze to pour, class up the joint, and create a party vibe in an instant. And the French know that one sure fire way to spruce up any bottle of Champagne (or even – sacré bleu! – economical Prosecco or sparkling wine) is with flavorful assistance from St-Germain, the original elderflower liqueur. Seems like St-Germain is in every delicious artisanal cocktail these days, so it’s a great reason to add it to your home bar arsenal. Especially since it simply looks flash to pour St-Germain, then top it off with a fine French Champagne and garnish with a few cranberries, raspberries, or sprig of rosemary. (Rosemerry maybe? Ho ho ho. See what I did there?). Voila! It’s an instant St-Germain & Champagne and it’s a party in a glass.



  • 1/3 flute of St-Germain
  • Brut Champagne or dry sparkling wine
  • festive berries


Top with Brut Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine (Our pick: Moët & Chandon’s Imperial Brut in the Golden Sparkle Festive bottle)

Plop in one or two raspberries, strawberries, juicy pomegranate seeds or a rosemary spring, and that’s it! Make another for yourself and get back to being the life of the party.