Spiced Red Chocolate

A low-calorie and spicy hot chocolate recipe
Spiced Red Chocolate


The bourbon is this drink doesn’t necessarily make it healthy, but the sugar-free hot chocolate in the recipe makes it healthier than most. Swap out your average cup of cocoa for this sugar-free and spicy hot chocolate recipe.

This recipe is courtesy of Jim Beam.


  • 1 1/2 Ounce Red Stag by Jim Beam
  • Sugar free hot chocolate


Prepare hot chocolate by building in a heat proof mug. Add Red Stag by Jim Beam® Spiced Bourbon.

Spice Shopping Tip

Spices and dried herbs have a shelf life too, and lose potency over time. The rule of thumb is, if your spices are over two years old, it's time to buy some new ones.

Spice Cooking Tip

Toasting whole spices before using them intensifies their aroma and flavor.