Smoked Old Fashioned

Smoked Old Fashioned
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Brisk, chilly weather means that it's time to partake in all the cozy things: warm socks, crackling fires and drinks that will warm your belly. This smoky whiskey cocktail is a quick way to create that snug vibe.This recipe is from Bonefish Grill and was originally published in the Orlando Sentinel.
Prep Time
Cook Time
Smoked Old Fashioned recipe - The Daily Meal
Total time: 5 minutes
  • 2 ounce bourbon, such as woodford reserve bourbon
  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 bordeaux cherry
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • other recommended materials: smoker, torch & oak chips, rocks and snifter glass
  1. In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine 2 ounces bourbon, 1/2 ounce simple syrup, 1 Bordeaux cherry and 2 dashes bitters. Stir 10 times and strain over a large ice cube in a rocks glass.
  2. Add oak chips to a smoker and torch to fill the rocks glass with smoke. If you don’t have a smoker, you can smoke your glass by torching an oak plank or fresh herbs and capping it with your rocks glass to capture the smoke flavors.
  3. Cap the rocks glass with a snifter to capture the smoke and allow oak flavors to mix with the Old Fashioned. Uncap your cocktail and enjoy!