Sicilian-Style Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Sicilian-Style Turkey Meatballs Recipe
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There is something wonderful about the classic Sicilian combination of sweet dried currants or raisins, creamy and nutty toasted pine nuts, and fresh greens, like kale or spinach, that always makes my mouth water. In the summer, when the garden is brimming with fresh Swiss chard, I am always sautéing it with raisins and pine nuts. Taking inspiration from my favorite summer dish, I've taken these same flavors and combined them with lean ground turkey in these Sicilian-style meatballs for a different twist on a dinnertime favorite. They are perfect to serve alone, as an appetizer, or atop a bowl of pasta tossed in a creamy goat cheese sauce. If you don't have Swiss chard, you can also substitute in baby spinach, kale, or even herbs like parsley or cilantro.  Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Meatballs.
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