Seriously Smoky Beef Ribs Recipe

Seriously Smoky Beef Ribs Recipe
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Whenever I see beef rib racks at the local market during the summer I’m tempted to buy, buy, buy. However, I have to limit myself to making these once a month during the summer, not once a week. These meaty ribs get two hours of heavy smoke on the grill followed by three hours in a slow oven. I usually combine the smoking portion of this recipe with some gardening so I can easily monitor the smoke level of the grill and baste the ribs frequently with sop sauce to keep them moist. It’s a little tedious, but well worth the trouble. I have a hickory tree in my yard, so I gather up fallen branches and save them for the smoking process. You should use bagged hardwood chips, they are available almost everywhere.  This recipe takes a little time and attention but it’s not difficult and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make real Texas barbecue at home. After you smoke them, you can forget about them in the oven for three hours. Serve them up with grilled corn, beans, slaw, and slices of white bread. My Southwestern Potato Salad recipe also makes a great side dish.