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Prosciutto-Wrapped Rabbit Loins

Tender, juicy rabbit meat wrapped in crisped prosciutto

The crisped prosciutto wrapper gives this dish big pork flavor while protecting the rabbit meat so it stays tender and juicy. The sweet prunes and savory ramps or pesto on the inside are a delightful surprise.

If you’re planning on using rabbit legs in a stew, braise, etc., you can start the meal with this delicious appetizer made from the leftover loins.

Drink Pairing: Viognier Wine

This recipe is provided courtesy of Marx Foods.



For the Prosciutto-Wrapped Rabbit Loins

  • 2 rabbit loins, cut from whole rabbit fryers or rabbit saddles
  • 4 slices of prosciutto
  • 3 prunes, finely chopped
  • 1 1/2 Teaspoon wild ramp puree
  • Fine balsamic vinegar or fine extra virgin olive oil

For the wild ramp puree

  • Greens (top leaves) from one pound (or more) of wild ramps
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste


For the Prosciutto-Wrapped Rabbit Loins

Heat an oiled cast iron skillet or frying pan on the stove over medium heat.

Season the loins with salt and pepper.

Slightly overlap two pieces of prosciutto and lay a rabbit loin in the middle. Do the same with the remaining prosciutto and the other loin. Add the puree along the loin and top with the chopped prunes.

Roll the prosciutto around the loins and other ingredients.

Lay the wrapped loins into the pan, seam-side down. Sear them on all sides to develop a brown crust.

Once the loins have reached an internal temperature of 150 degrees, remove them from the pan.

Serve them above additional ramp puree, drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar or extra virgin olive oil.

For the wild ramp puree

Clean the ramps.

Cut the green leaves off of the white stems. Reserve the stems for use in other ramps recipes.

Blanch the ramp greens in boiling salted water for about 30 seconds.

Drain the water off the greens and shock them in ice water to cool them down. Scoop them out of the ice bath, squeeze out any residual water and roughly chop them.

Put the ramps in a blender and run it dry to chop them further.

While the blender is running, drizzle in enough olive oil to start forming a puree. Add the salt and pepper.

Process until the puree is smooth.

Add to your recipe or freeze.