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Pistachio Chewy Bite Yogurt Parfait

Pistachio Chewy Bite Yogurt Parfait 

1 package Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites (6 pieces)
2 containers almond or coconut based yogurt (6 oz), (plain or vanilla) 1⁄2 cup fresh raspberries, or other seasonal fruit
1⁄2 cup fresh blueberries, or other seasonal fruit
Remove all Pistachio Chewy Bites from their wrappers. Chop each bar into 8 pieces.
To make parfait, place a few chewy bites in 4 glasses. Top with yogurt, then fruit and additional chewy bites in layers until all ingredients are used. Alternatively, create parfait in a large clear bowl. Serve immediately.

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Ready in
2 Minutes
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Pistachio Shopping Tip

Whenever possible, purchase whole, not presliced or chopped nuts. They have a longer shelf life.

Pistachio Cooking Tip

Toasting your nuts helps release essential oils and intensifies their flavor.