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Coffeetail No. 51

The ultimate coffee cocktail

Recipe Courtesy of Lavazza

For happy hour, consider brewing the Coffeetail No. 51 – an innovative cocktail made with vodka, ginger ale and cold brew coffee. This ‘Coffeetail’ will take you out of your afternoon slump and send you sailing into springtime bliss!



For the Coffeetail No. 51

  • 3 Parts ginger ale
  • 2 Parts cold brew coffee concentrate
  • 2/3 Parts vodka
  • Splash Grand Marnier
  • Splash simple syrup
  • Sliced lemon, orange, or cucumber
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Fresh mint


For the Coffeetail No. 51

Fill a 12 oz. glass with ice

In a shaker, combine cold brew, Grand Marnier, vodka and syrup; pour over the ice

Top with ginger ale

Decorate with wheel or slices of orange and/or a lemon

Skewer cherries and cucumber wedge

Garnish with mint