The Last Margarita Recipe You Will Ever Need. Period.

The Last Margarita Recipe You Will Ever Need. Period.
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Just because I'm from a Texas border town does not necessarily mean that I've been automatically equipped with a kick-ass margarita recipe. In fact, on my recent visit to California, my family and I invited my cousins over to our place for a decadent Mexican dinner. I was given the task of not only finding a recipe (apparently my mom didn't have one, either), but also to making a decent margarita.  After all, I did not want to disappoint my family: It was a given that the food would be awesome, but it was up to me to make sure the drinks were up to par. The pressure was on. With time running out, I hopped on my laptop and did a couple of quick Google searches, using "margarita recipe" as my keyword. (Lame, I know.) Since I was so pressed for time, I was only able to skim through the results on the first page, therefore choosing the recipe that sounded the tastiest and easiest to make. The winner was the Sauza Rita. Why?  Because the recipe only called for four ingredients, two of which I had on-hand. Trust me when I say that this is the last margarita recipe that you will ever need. It's easy to make, tastes fresh, tart, and goes down as smooth as water. Worried about the calories?  Do you normally drink those nasty "skinny margaritas?" (Sorry Bethenny.) Chillax, as the Californians would say.  Because this recipe does not contain a corn syrup-laden mixer or sweet 'n sour mix. Until we drink again, The Lunch Belle