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Kool-Aid Boiled Easter Eggs


Kool-Aid Boiled Easter Eggs

Entertaining Expert, Mark Addison dyes his eggs with a Kool (Aid) Twist! “It’s a fun and easy way to utilize the bright colors Kool-Aid has to offer and it also smells great while you’re dyeing your eggs!” says Mark. “You can also mix the different flavors in order to come up with new colors. For example: Lemonade and Berry Blue will give you a green.”

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Tip: You can create different types of patterns on the eggs with rubber bands, scrapbooking stickers, and rubber cement.
1. When using rubber bands, double-wrap them over the eggs to make sure the dye doesn’t seep underneath and use varying sizes for different effects.
2. You can monogram your eggs by placing scrapbooking letter stickers on a dry egg before submerging it into the Kool-Aid.
3. Drizzle rubber cement onto an egg and let it dry completely (it will be slightly sticky/tacky). Submerge your egg into the Kool-Aid and after rinsing it, make sure the egg dries completely before peeling off the rubber cement. The rubber cement will give your egg an abstract design.


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 2 unsweetened Kool-Aid packets
  • 2 Tablespoons water


Prepare Kool-aid packets according to directions in a wide mouth mason jar

Place your hard-boiled egg into the jar and roll it around for even coverage with a spoon. For deeper colors, submerge the eggs for longer.

Quickly rinse the eggs with water to let the color set and transfer the eggs to a cooling rack with paper towels underneath.