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Juice-Box Salmon Recipe

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Juice-Box Salmon
Marcus Nilsson

Juice-Box Salmon

Who would have thought that a juice box would provide poaching liquid with just the right balance of sweet and tangy?

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Adapted from "Time for Dinner" by Pilar Guzmán, Jenny Rosenstrach, and Alanna Stang.

Deliver Ingredients


  • 1 juice-box lemonade (8 ounces)
  • Salt and white pepper
  • 1 pound salmon fillets, skin on, cut into 4 pieces
  • 2 tablespoons Russian dressing or to taste


Preheat oven to 500 degrees.

Pour the lemonade into a 9-by-12-inch baking dish. Salt and pepper the salmon and place it in a pan, skin-side down. Lay a piece of parchment or foil loosely on top and roast it for 15 minutes.

Plate the salmon and tent it with foil. Pour the liquid into a saucepan. Boil until syrupy, about 10-15 minutes, then drizzle it over the salmon. Serve the kids’ salmon with Russian dressing on the side.

Salmon Shopping Tip

A fresh fish should not smell fishy nor have milky, opaque eyes; it should have bright red gills, firm flesh, and a tight anal cavity.

Salmon Cooking Tip

Whole fish should be stored upright in ice in the refrigerator.

Salmon Wine Pairing

Pinot gris/grigio, sauvignon blanc, sémillon, albariño, or rosé with most cooked salmon dishes; pinot noir with salmon in red wine or other strong sauce; grüner veltliner, rosé, or vintage or non-vintage champagne or sparkling wine with smoked salmon.