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Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled peaches, fresh mozzarella, and pesto dressing served over bright summer greens = one happy summer

“For this recipe, I used a base of Escarole which gave a nice balance to the peppery arugula.  For added interest, I threw in some water cress and the three very different greens got along quite nicely with each other, providing a flavor and texture in and of themselves that would have sufficed for a main entry.  The grilled peaches and fresh mozzarella made a perfect team to go with the rest and the accompanying pesto dressed it perfectly.  Give this recipe a try, either as a side or main course.  It’s a delicious and wonderful salad, especially for summer.” – Dan Zehr of Platter Talk food blog.

Find his original recipe here!



  • escarole
  • arugula
  • water cress
  • 6 peaches, medium sized
  • mozzarella cheese, sliced
  • 1/2 Cup pine nuts, toasted
  • juice from ½ lemon
  • fresh ground peppercorn

For The Pesto

  • 1/2 Cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 Cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 Cup pine nuts, toasted
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • lemon zest
  • juice from ½ lemon
  • kosher salt to taste
  • fresh ground peppercorn


Peel peaches, cut in halves, remove pit.  Brush lightly with olive oil.

Place peach halves on grill over medium high heat, about 4 minutes on each side so that both sides are well marked.

Remove peaches from grill and allow to cool, then halves into quarters or smaller and set aside.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F and roast pine nuts on baking sheet for 4-5  minutes or until golden brown and allow to cool.

Using large mixing bowl, toss greens in olive oil, then arrange on serving platter.

Evenly distribute peaches and mozzarella slices over greens.

Sprinkle pine nuts over salad, add fresh ground peppercorn to taste.

Add spoonful dollops of pesto, as prepared below, as a dressing, and evenly distribute lemon juice on top of salad and pesto.

For The Pesto

Place fresh herb leaves in small food processor along with other ingredients.

Process until desired consistency is achieved, adjust amount of olive oil as necessary.