Goan Shrimp Cake Recipe

Goan Shrimp Cake Recipe
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This is an old Goan dish that many have already forgotten about and locals are worried it might soon become obsolete as newer, faster recipes encroach on the New India. When I heard about this dish, I was intrigued and read up on it some more. It is a really unusual taste combination – a sweet yet savory filling of shrimp is baked inside a sweet coconut cake. It is reminiscent of Chinese dim sum pork buns, where the filling is both sweet and savory and the bun is a sweet, yeast bread.I am sure both were the influence of the Portuguese as bread was neither Chinese nor Indian, but much loved by the Portuguese. Indians made it theirs with the local shrimp and spices. I’m not sure if this dish will appeal to the masses, but I think it is delicious and relevant to the history of Goa and, as such, I’m sad to see it disappearing from use. The shrimp filling can be made the day before and brought back to room temperature before baking.Adapted from "Anjum's New Indian" by Anjum Anand.Click here to see the Indian Food Simplified story.