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Garden Lites Muffins and Healthy Greek Yogurt Frosting

Try this Healthy Greek Yogurt Frosting recipe today

During March, sweets fly wildly out of the pantries of houses across the country. With holidays like Easter to celebrate, it’s just too easy to grab more calorie-laden junk food to satisfy that sweet tooth. Instead of reaching for the snacks with chemicals you’ll never pronounce, choose something delicious that will fill you up with fresh, good-for-you ingredients! Garden Lites Muffins may have vegetables as the first ingredients, but you’d never know! With decadent flavors like Blueberry Oat, Banana Chocolate-Chip, or delicious Chocolate, you’ll almost forget what a healthy choice you’re making for your body. Garden Lites two-ounce muffins are one-third vegetables, low in calories, a good source of fiber, contain five grams of whole grains, and are gluten-, dairy-,and nut-free too.

Buy yourself a package of Garden Lites muffins and decorate them with this simple Greek yogurt frosting. 


What to Add:
Be creative — use a peeler for zucchini or carrots, and place tiny slivers on top of the muffin. You can even use dark chocolate bites to dot the top! If you are handy, shape your carrots or zucchini into shapes, such as Easter Bunny Ears or tiny flowers.
If you use felt or other toy decorations, be sure to remove before any children eat the muffins!

Traditional Frosting and Decorations:
- Store bought frosting: plain or with sprinkles
- You can either cut your muffins in half, horizontally, and layer the frosting between the top and bottom, and then frost the top of the muffin or you can simply frost the top of the muffin.
- Arrange your decorations for your children. Offer them chocolate chips for eyes; tiny slivers of carrots and zucchini for bunny ears; tiny chocolate eggs; edible cake decorations; edible Easter “grass”, etc.
- You may also use felt or other store bought decorations of bunnies, chicks, etc. but be sure to remove before your children eat the muffins!


  • 1/2 Cup Greek yogurt, plain
  • 7 Tablespoons cream cheese, softened
  • Dash of Stevia or other natural sweetener
  • 1/3 Teaspoon real vanilla extract


Mix well; keep in refrigerator when done frosting.