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Fourth of July Drink: The Trailer Park

Lemons, ice, and a tallboy make for a refreshing summer drink

There is “America” and then there is ‘Murica. The overly patriotic slang term denotes rednecks, big trucks, bald eagles, and, best of all, beer.

This beer cocktail is the working man’s twist on a summer shandy. The lemon flavor is bright and the beer is cold and maybe a little watery, but at least that keeps you hydrated! This ‘Murican drink is best made with a tallboy of America’s best and is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. Try it this Fourth of July.


  • 1 1/2 Cup ice
  • 2 lemons, sliced in to wedges
  • 1 tallboy can of PBR, or other American lager


Alternating additions of ice and lemons wedges fill a large glass to the brim. Then, crack your tallboy and pour the beer over the ice and lemons. Serve immediately. This drink can be enjoyed with or without a straw.