Dog Treat Wreath

Dog Treat Wreath
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Get in the spirit of treating by decking your doors with treat-filled wreaths! Bring joy to your tail waggin’ guests before they even come in to play with Milk-Bone® and Pup-Peroni® treats waiting for them at your door.This recipe is courtesy of PetSmart.
Dog Treat Wreath
  • circular piece of cardboard in the size of a wreath
  • twine
  • scissors
  • milk-bone treats
  • pup-peroni treats
  • 2 festive colored ribbons
  1. Cut out a hole in the center of the cardboard and discard. Place the wreath-shaped cardboard base on a flat surface. Cut a long piece of twine and tie it around your base. This will be used to hang over the door to greet your doggie guests!
  2. Align your favorite PetSmart® treats along the base by grouping 1 Milk-Bone® and 1 Pup-Peroni® treat together. Take the first festive ribbon and tightly wrap each grouping, securing it to the wreath base. Complete the circle back to the beginning. Tie the two ends together to make sure your treats are secure. Add a little more joy to your treat-filled wreath by taking the second ribbon and tying a big bow at the top. Now you’re ready to welcome all the four-legged visitors this holiday season!