Cucumber, Yuzu, And Thai Basil Juice Recipe

Cucumber, Yuzu, And Thai Basil Juice Recipe
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Nothing wakes a juice up like a splash of citrus — it’s like drinking liquid sunshine. There are, of course, the old favorites: lemon tastes zesty and clean; lime adds a tart, tropical note; grapefruit adds refreshing acidity; and orange is sweet and bright. But you can branch out from these reliable standards with pomelo, Ugly fruit, kumquat, blood orange, Satsuma, clementine, tangerine, Key lime, Buddha’s hand, yuzu, and iyokan. Check out your local co-op, farmers market, and Asian, Latin, or Middle Eastern grocery stores for citrus fruits that you love but don’t often buy or that you’ve never tried before.
  • 1 cucumber
  • 8 -10 leaves of thai basil
  1. Run all ingredients through the juicer. Serve over ice or as-is.