Corn Dough

Try this Corn Dough recipe for tortillas from the 'Mexico from the Inside Out' cookbook.
Corn Dough


Use this basic corn dough for soft or fried corn tortillas, dumplings, and more. You can also add chiles, spices, and herbs for a flavorful twist.

Adapted from Mexico from the Inside Out by Enrique Olvera.


  • 1 Teaspoon slaked lime (calcium hydroxide)
  • 2 Cups dried corn


Dissolve the slaked lime in 4 cups of water in a pot and bring to a boil. Add the corn and cook for 45 minutes. Let stand for12 hours. Drain the corn in a sieve and rinse until the water runs clear. Grind to a thin and compact dough.

Corn Shopping Tip

Look for vegetables that are firm and bright in color – avoid those that are wilted or have wrinkled skins, which are signs of age.

Corn Cooking Tip

Vegetable should typically be cooked as quickly as possible, as they can become bland and mushy, and lose vitamins and minerals.