Cinnamon Swirl Cocktail

Cinnamon Swirl Cocktail
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Cinnamon Swirl Cocktail

Cinnamon Swirl Cocktail

While you may have had pumpkin-flavored beer or nutmeg-seasoned coffee, The James Royal Palm in Miami thought it’d be festive to create a sweet, seasonal twist on a cocktail instead. 


1 egg white

½ ounce lime juice

½ ounce Velvet Falernum (which contains no sulfites)

½ ounce cinnamon syrup

1 ounce rum, such as Sailor Jerry 


Pour all ingredients into a shaker, shake, and pour into a martini glass.

Garnish with a sweet cardamom and sugar rim.

Cinnamon Shopping Tip

Spices and dried herbs have a shelf life too, and lose potency over time. The rule of thumb is, if your spices are over two years old, it's time to buy some new ones.

Cinnamon Cooking Tip

Toasting whole spices before using them intensifies their aroma and flavor.