Chili With Fresh Vegetables

Chili With Fresh Vegetables
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great chili for a balanced, healthy diet without heartburn! crumble a pound of 90% lean ground beef into a nonstick pan with two medium sweet vidalia sliced onions, 3 fresh minced garlic bulbs, and two or three cubed celery stalks, and saute over medium high heat until pink. add a can of red kidney beans with juice, two large tomatoes sliced and cubed, a can of sliced button mushrooms with juice, several dashes of worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, chili pepper, black pepper, and cook until it boils; then reduce heat and simmer, covered, while you cook up a pot of wild rice or brown rice with a touch of salt. Taste the chili and correct the seasonings to your own liking. half fill soup dishes with rice, then pile on the chili! the result is a very tasty, simple to make, hearty dish that fills you up, but not out, and satisfies all your taste buds. Follow up with a nice fresh strawberry compote over angel food cake slice or with nonfat whipped cream or whipping cream, or both. if you're not a happy camper, let me know about it! On extra hungry days, I might preface this with a light salad of black olives, lettuces, red onions, capers, and raspberry vinaigrette or ev olive oil and salt, or sweet balsamic vinegar. Big guys can throw in a couple of thick French baguette slices slathered with butter or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of salt, heated in aluminum foil in the oven and have seconds or even thirds of this tasty yet easy to make chili. Perfect for after work, cold days, and weekends when you're just hanging around anyway! Great for game days!  just scoop it up with taco chips! Burp!