Batida De Caju Recipe

Batida De Caju Recipe
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If Margaritas and Mojitos have become overplayed, expand your south-of-the-border cocktail horizons with a Brazilian favorite, the Batida.   Portuguese for “shaken” or “milkshake,” batidas are traditionally made with cachaça, a distilled sugarcane liquor, and a base of fruit juice. Some recipes also call for sugar, sweetened condensed milk, coconut cream and another liquor, like vodka. Preparation for the cocktail is quite simple—making it perfect for the impromptu get together—just mix the ingredients in a blender and serve over crushed ice in a small glass. Common ingredients include lemon, passion fruit, mango, and cashew, though excellent versions can be made with non-fruit ingredients, such as chocolate.   Batida de Caju is one of the most common varieties of the drink in Brazil, but the trouble is that the juice, made from the reddish-yellow fruit surrounding the nut, can be a little difficult to procure. Still, if you’re looking to shake up something a little different, it’ worth seeking out. The resulting flavor of the cocktail is nutty and lightly tart, reminiscent of a lighter version of Bailey’s or eggnog. The version below works well as a dessert cocktail. 
Chocolate Batida from Ideya in New York.