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Almond Flour


I use almond flour with many of my recipes but it is very costly. I want to experiment with a few inspirations for the holidays therefore decided to make my own almond flour. I had a huge bag that I purchased a while ago to make a nut crunch. I used my food processor but I bet you can do the same with a coffee grinder as well. My advice would be to pulse it because I fear if you over blend you will end up with almond butter.

It came out perfect so now off to cooking land!

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  • Blanced or unblanched almonds


Start with a small handful of almonds and add to your food processor. Pulse until you get a flour consistency.

Sift into a container and if there are any chunks left just put them back in the food processor and pulse again a few times.

I put in reusable containers and storing some in the refrigerator (that I will be using this week) and the other containers will be going in the freezer. I believe it will keep longer that way!