Recipes For Deception

Some of the best April Fool's Day tricks take a bit of planning and setup.

And to give you plenty of time to scheme, we got top cocktail consultant and advisory board member Aisha Sharpe to create a couple devious recipes that deceive both the eye and the palate.

Not only does Sharpe fix delicious drinks, but she is also a master prankster. (For proof, check out her Apple Fool's Martini and the Not Manhattan she concocted with another advisory board member, Dushan Zaric.)

This weekend, try mixing up her versions of a duo of '90s guilty pleasures for some unsuspecting friends. Sharpe's "Dirty Martini" (pictured) calls for neither vermouth nor olive brine, but instead Hendrick's Gin, white grape juice, and a touch of white balsamic vinegar and simple syrup. It is, of course, garnished with an olive.

And she has reimagined the sweet-sour-and-pink "Fruity Martini" to include smoky Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the açai liqueur Cedilla, and bitter Aperol.

But the real trick may actually be on you, when your guests ask for a second round. Cheers!

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