Reasons Shake Shack Is Better Than In-N-Out

We're just going to come out and say it: Shake Shack is better than In-N-Out. The two chains, centered on the East Coast and West Coast, respectively, have their devoted fans, but if you ask us, Shake Shack wins the day. Here's why:

They Share the Love

While there are far more In-N -Outs than Shake Shacks, all the In-N-Outs are located in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Texas. Not a single location even close to the Mississippi much less east of it! Shake Shack, on the other hand, is making a concerted effort to share their delicious burgers offerings with as many people as possible, with numerous locations on the east coast and in the mid-Atlantic region and plans to open in Austin, Chicago, and Las Vegas. And don't forget about all those international locations. There is Shake Shack in the Middle East, London, Turkey, and Russia! 

Their Menu is Bigger

At In-N-Out, you can get burgers, fries, and milkshakes. At Shake Shack, you can get all of the above, as well as hot dogs, assorted burger toppings, and a vegetarian 'Shroom Burger, with a cheese-filled fried Portobello mushroom. 'Nuff said.

One Word: Concretes

Rich and creamy frozen custard, blended with creative mix-ins that vary according to location but include cheesecake blondie, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, and chocolate truffle cookie dough. As for In-N-Out? Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry shakes only.

The Beef and Buns are Better

Four ounces of a sirloin, brisket, and short rib blend from master purveyor Pat LaFrieda, served on a Martin's potato roll toasted in butter, or a two-ounce patty made from ground chuck, served on a plain white bun? The question answers itself.

They Love Your Dog

Dogs have discerning tastes too, and for them Shake Shack offers sells custom-made dog biscuits as well as a "Pooch-ini" made with dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard. Dogs might be man's best friend, but serve one of these to it and you'll be dog's best friend, too.