These British Music Festivals Banned Pineapples for the Weirdest Reason

The Reading and Leeds festivals banned pineapples along with guns and fireworks

Fans of indie rock band Glass Animals will not be allowed to bring pineapples to the Reading and Leeds music festivals this year

The Reading and Leeds music festivals will be a little less tropical this year, because organizers have categorically banned any and all pineapples from being brought onto the grounds by attendees.

Pineapples are an odd thing to ban, but according to the BBC, the fruit did appear on this year’s list of forbidden items. Other banned items include guns, fireworks, animals except for service animals, and gas canisters.

It’s not often that one sees a pineapple on a list along with guns and fireworks. This year, organizers reportedly banned pineapples because they were worried fans of indie rock band Glass Animals might come bearing hundreds of the fruit.

Glass Animals' latest album includes a song called “Pork Soda,” which includes a line about “pineapples are in my head.” That line has really taken off, and pineapples have become a signature for the band. They frequently perform on a stage covered in pineapples, and their fans show up at their performances toting pineapples. Some fans even dress up as pineapples.

The band's own pineapples will probably still be allowed, but fans will have to go without. Festival organizers decided they didn’t want fans showing up with hundreds of pineapples and leaving them around the site. Hundreds of heavy, spiky pineapples are a particularly inconvenient kind of litter to have to pick up. So they added the pineapple to the list of banned items.

The pineapple ban may have had the opposite effect, though. Glass Animals drummer Joe Seaward said banning pineapples is just going to make people want to bring them more.

"Anyone who wasn't bringing a pineapple definitely is now," he said.


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